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Return from the Editing Black Hole!

Back in March I read a really insightful book, The Plot Thickens by Noah Lukeman. Unfortunately after finishing and doing all the plot strengthening and character building exercises, I decided I wanted to make some changes to Dragonsown. 4 months and 4500 more words later, the overhaul has finally been finished. Some of the changes I worked on were implementing the "Show, Don't Tell" concept- placing more emphasis on the reader coming to their own conclusions of how the character is feeling and stirring up more emotions. I worked on World Building, focusing on Ryk's beliefs and religion. I also decided to bring Lord Graydon back from the dead. It made sense really, how was I going to create a worse villain? He's quite the a$$hole. So he goes to prison instead of dying, we'll see where he ends up next. I feel good about the change, realizing he still has more to contribute to the series. Now that I feel Book 1 is final and the best it can be, I am resuming work on my prequel which I hope to finish up by the end of the summer!

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