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Paranormal Adventures-

I think I was in love with historical buildings and sites before becoming interested in the paranormal. It seemed like a natural progression. I could check two boxes at once, my appreciation for history and for ghost stories. When I travel, I always try to book a haunted tour or historical pub crawl or both! Some locations I've toured: New Orleans, Seattle Underground, Chicago, Fredericton, Gettysburg, Salem, San Francisco, Ottawa, even Hobart, Tasmania. Pictured here is Cascade, the oldest brewery in Australia. Gathering inspiration from my favourites (I watch way too many ghost shows) #ghostadventures #thedeadfiles #destinationfear #kindredspirits,

I have put together a substantial 'To Go' list:

Old Washoe Club- NV

Alcatraz Prison Night Tour- CA (day wasn't scary enough)

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum- WV

Moundsville Prison - WV

Titanic Museum - Branson MO

Rolling Hills Asylum - NY

Old Jail St. Augustine - FL

And basically all of the United Kingdom

I can justify all of this as "research" because I am planning a paranormal fiction after the Dragonsown series is completed. I am open to more location suggestions!

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