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Update & Early Praise for The Besieged Unicorn Army of Ryk-

People always say, celebrate the small victories so today I am sharing one. My draft has finally reached 15,000 words! I know that sounds pathetic considering it will likely be 60,000 words in the end, but it has been such a struggle just to get to this point. May 1 2022, some friends and I took over managing a horse farm, or so we thought. It was in fact, taking over us! Much of the last month has been spent getting the farm organized and functional so BUA had to take a back seat, but I am happy to say, its back on track.

For those of you who are waiting- thank you for your patience! I have had people reviewing/editing as I go and here’s one person’s feedback:

I LOVE what I have read so is really good. It's fascinating that you're writing about Unicorns, so similar to horses which is such a passion of yours. You can see it in your writing when describing their movements, temperaments, and physical appearance. Looking forward to more!!! – Ann C.

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