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Synopsis- Newbie lessons in Querying.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Today I submitted my second query to a publisher. It seems like this is going to be a different experience every time. For this one I needed to include a synopsis which was new for me because even though I've technically written a book, I've never written a synopsis. Many YouTube videos later, I think I came up with a decent effort and I thought of even posting it here but since it includes a ton of spoiler alerts, I am just going with the query blurb itself. This gives a bit more detail of what Dragonsown is about. The picture was taken in Tobermory, ON last year. Still dreaming of travel..

Young Kael of Renwick is terrified he might be dying. The sharp pains in his head and stomach have become unbearable. Waking in the passages deep within his father’s castle, Kael discovers he is sleepwalking. Every day, there are new and ever stranger happenings. Hallucinating, Kael believes a dark creature is stalking him. In the blink of an eye, he can be possessed by an inexplicable rage. Frightened, Kael feels himself withdrawing, attempting to hide his misgivings as the already tense relationship with his father degrades. Even Kael’s twin brother, Keaton, is beginning to question his odd behaviour. Kael realizes he has two choices, both difficult. One is to confess his growing illness, be deemed weak and risk losing his future dukedom. The other is to suffer deteriorating health in secret but keep his dukedom and the chance to marry the girl of his dreams. The choice is made for him when Kael begins hearing the voices and fear overtakes him. Kael struggles with a new decision when his condition takes an unbelievable turn. As he must search for answers, Kael is conflicted on who he can trust. Choosing wrongly could have disastrous consequences. To find the answers in time to save himself, Kael must overcome his apprehensions and trust his instincts.

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