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Boulders vs. Sand

In a few days, I will be finishing up a 9-month mindset course amid many mixed feelings. This course wasn’t only about positive thinking and goal setting but about being responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Becoming more self-aware, listening for all of the negative self-talk we give ourselves and questioning if any of it were even true. As the course closes the coach posted some last-minute videos and one concept blew my mind to the point I had to write about it. Had the coach posted this video at the beginning I think I would have had a very different year. A very simple concept, Boulders vs Sand. Imagine an empty cup (your goal), what would fill it up faster, rocks or sand? Probably rocks right? So, when thinking about taking actions to achieve goals, which would be boulders (achieving the goal/filling the cup faster) and which would be the sand (wasting time/not achieving the goal/filling the cup slower)? So simple, something you would think should be obvious and yet I was like, oh sh*t. For me, like any author, I would like to sell more books so common sense would say I should focus on promotions/getting more reviews/advertising…oh, and WRITING THE SECOND BOOK. Not stressing about what to post on Instagram, not scrolling, not worrying that I haven’t done a blog post for a few weeks, its all sand.

I just found out this concept also helps with putting personal issues in perspective. You know how you can be in a great mood, but it just takes one person to make one comment and you feel yourself spiral into anger or the pit of despair? When I felt this happening to me. I just thought, wait, boulder or sand? Once you realize its usually sand, aka doesn’t matter, its so much easier and faster to move on from. Hope this helps, if anyone would like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out.

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