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Besieged WIP-

After writing 7000 words of the Dragonsown sequel, I became obsessed with the idea of a unicorn army. So much so, that every time I tried to brainstorm for the sequel, all that would pop into my head would be 'unicorn army.' So fine, I've shelved part 2 for now and I am 1000 words into what will be the Dragonsown prequel, The Besieged Unicorn Army of Ryk. And go figure, now I am stuck. What I've found has really helped me is doing a mind map, basically write down one idea in a bubble and then write down any related thoughts or ideas. Then you cross out or connect the ideas that match up and that becomes your starting point, I've done my mind map based on the 2 main characters, Dragon Leader Severn and Unicorn Army Captain Ember and I am happy with the foundation. In the coming days I hope to flesh it out and get this story rolling.

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