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Readers' Favorite - Congratulations on your 5-star review

Shameless self-promotion time! While this is not considered an "Editorial Review", its 5 stars and I'll take it anyway!!

Reviewed By Natalie Soine for Readers’ Favorite

Dragonsown by Erika Leigh Agnew tells the story of twin brothers Kael and Keaton, sons of Lady Danica and Lord Graydon of Renwick. Lady Danica passed away and Lord Graydon married Lady Bria. The Duke and Duchess of Renwick and the boys lived at Renwick Castle, originally built to keep enemies out. Lady Danica’s brother, Arius, promised Lady Danica that he would take care of Kael and Keaton but Lord Graydon had other plans. Lord Graydon relied on Alisten, his smart, harsh, and intimidating head advisor whom the twins avoided. The country’s affairs were in a decline and there was more fighting and crime than ever before. King Jairdan seldom had Ryk’s interests at heart and he was prone to external influences. The War of Black Ash saw the rise of the Kingdom of Ryk which is threatened by Lord Graydon’s greed and lust for power. Keaton and Kael are held accountable and must solve the devastating problems of the past caused by their ruthless father. Dragonsown is an incredible story, filled with action, intrigue, and surprises. Erika Leigh Agnew creates the most beautiful creatures and characters which she describes down to the finest detail, including those which may not exist in our world. The unusual localities depicted in the story are stunning, from landscapes to castles and forests. I especially love the relationships between people, friends, family members, and animals, something all readers can relate to. The story is smooth flowing and a comfortable read. Dragonsown truly is a terrific novel, highly recommended to children and adults, and would make a perfect holiday gift.

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1 Comment

Cody Clouser
Cody Clouser
Nov 30, 2021

100% agree, love the book, this reviewer really knows how to write a good detailed review. Glad to see another person enjoyed the book as I have.

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