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Dragonsown has Gone Wide!

After being part of Amazon's KDP Select program for 6 months and seeing no benefits to selling exclusively on Amazon, I made the decision to "Go Wide"! Before deciding where else to sell first, I consulted every writing group I am a part of and the answer was, there is no answer! Between Draft2Digital, BookBub, Book Funnel, Book Sirens, Smashwords, Book Depository, Apple, Kobo, etc...the list seems endless with none really standing out as better than the others. As my first step, I joined Draft2Digital which distributes to retailers as well as to librarians, a great added feature! It seems like a much better option than reaching out to individual libraries. So here we go, new month, new possibilities! It was very satisfying to get this email within the first couple of days and seeing my distribution already growing! I don't think my prequel will be going KDP Select!

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